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The Female Prescription for Innovation

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There is a big movement in the world,
yet the feminine voice is still tiny in innovation.

Fabienne Jacquet PhD, Organic Chemistry -
Author of VENUS GENIUS: The Female Prescription for Innovation


The Feminine Success Formula for Innovation

Are you a Venus Genius innovator?

When organizations practice empathy (Em), nurturing (N), inclusivity and intuition (I2) as well as gratitude (G) and catalyze it with collaboration (Co), the resulting innovation emotionally connects to consumers (the heart), bringing revenues to the business.

To those who think that emotions don’t sell, science backs up the fact that emotions are critical in people’s decision-making. Rationality only represents about 20% of human decision-making. This is especially true for the untapped female market that represents a $20+ trillion business opportunity.

‘Shrink it and pink it’ is over!

Until today, most products for women have been designed by men, or at least by people using their masculine side – think high heels invented for the male gaze (that are fortunately getting a feminist makeover to stop the torture…).

If businesses want to innovate meaningful solutions for women, they need to ensure that they understand the  specific needs of women through a feminine lens.

Fabienne Jacquet

PhD, Organic Chemistry
Founder of INNOVEVE® - Author - Speaker - Innovator