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Fabienne Jacquet

Fabienne is a scientist, turned marketer, turned founder, and now book author – so an innovator through and through – passionate about helping the world become a more joyful place with meaningful and sustainable solutions.

She is half-French, half-American, half-scientist and half-marketer… yes we know, too many halves, but as they say in French: “when you love, you don’t count!” From her PhD in organic chemistry to her marketing experience, innovation has been her love, for more than 30 years: short-term, long-term, fundamental, external, open, strategic,… with a proven track record in Fortune 500 companies. Through her international journey, she has lived between Europe and the US, and traveled the world. In 2018 she settled in the US and created INNOVEVE®, a consultancy in innovation which mission is to embrace feminine energy for ultimate innovation.

She wrote a book around the theme of innovation through the feminine lens: Venus Genius: the Female Prescription for Innovation, that published in December 2020. She continues to innovate her mission focusing on the youth education.

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