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“Smart Rebel” means to use the principles of innovation to channel the beautiful energy and creativity of the teenage years into something constructive instead of destructive. In other words, transform from “trouble makers” into “change makers.”


Calling all parents and educators of teens curious about innovation! Are you looking to unlock your teen’s inner innovator?

The Smart Rebel course was born when Venus Genius author, Fabienne Jacquet, discovered that teens were asking to read their parents’ copy of the book and loving it! She interviewed the teens to better understand their interest and needs, and is launching a course specifically for teens.

The Smart Rebel course is aimed at teens of any sex or gender orientation who are curious, passionate, persistent, and ready to work at creating a better world by learning basic innovation tools and developing the feminine traits within.

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An on-demand course for adults because it’s never too late to innovate.

When Fabienne tested the Smart Rebel course with parents and educators, they spontaneously mentioned they would love to go through a similar course, as well.

The Venus Genius course is based on the same principles as the Smart Rebel course. It is aimed at adults of any sex or gender orientation who are ready to learn about innovation and feminine traits to reinvent their own lives during key transition periods, and to contribute to creating a better world.

It is work in progress. Schedule a call to learn more.



Course takeaways from SMART REBEL students

“I found that your definition of innovation was very helpful to set into perspective what it actually is, unlike what I think many of us thought of as making something grand and unique.”

– Beatrice, 14 years old, Spain

“Teenage years and innovation have a lot in common- YES!!!!! Love that I had never thought of that before but WOW!!”

– Anneli, 16 years old, U.K.

“There are teenagers with the same problems in the world.”

– Sofia, 13 years old, Mexico.

“Brains of teenage boys and girls do have differences.”

– Emma, 14 years old, France

“You should pick your role models thoughtfully, understanding why you admire them.”

– Corinne, 21 years old, U.S.

“I learnt that the more you know about yourself the more you’ll be able to use your strengths to later succeed.”

– Francesca, 16 years old, Spain

“Don’t let people put labels on you. Reclaim your freedom’. This resonated so much!”

– Helen, 16 years old, U.K.