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I can scarcely believe it has been 3 years since I published my book, Venus Genius: The Female Prescription for Innovation! The odds were stacked against me – a speaker, not a writer – writing my first book in English at that stage of my life. Yet, I persevered and did it!

Today, I am overjoyed to announce Venus Genius has won the prestigious Goody Business Book Awards, which honor 100% Social Impact books and authors making a difference with words. It earned first prize in the ‘Women in Business’ category and was a finalist for the ‘Thought Leader’ Award.


The Female Prescription for Innovation explores innovation from different perspectives: historical, scientific, sociological, cultural and practical — all through the feminine lens. It addresses the shortage of women in innovation and how important it is to address this as a first step to inclusion. This book reveals that any innovator can acquire the necessary skills to create meaningful innovation. Venus Genius is about celebrating the duality of the feminine and the masculine in all human beings and dares us to activate both energies to create innovation that brings true value to our world.

To date, the world (and innovation) has been mainly driven by masculine energy, and we can no longer ignore gender. This book will help you discover that you have latent feminine skills and that, wherever you stand on the masculine/feminine spectrum, rebalancing towards the opposite makes you a more centered human being in your personal and professional life.

Fabienne, the Venus Genius herself, is finally sharing her brilliant thinking! She demonstrates how Innovation driven by your feminine side will get your brand and business to a whole different level. And she does this with her unique refreshing, fun and engaging style. The best read of the year!

Sophie Bailly-Maître, General Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

Innovation is not the preserve of men. The qualities required, made of a balance between creativity and achievement and a very great ability to work in a team by drawing on all talents, are widely used among professional women. Innovative, they are; this is what Fabienne Jacquet’s book demonstrates.

Didier Roux, Titulaire de la chaire « Innovation Technologique Liliane-Bettencourt » du Collège de France 2016-2017, Membre de l’Académie des Sciences et de l’Académie des Technologies

Fabienne practices what she preaches and preaches what she is! She incarnates the yin and the yang of innovation through her personality, her experience and her sensitivities! Venus Genius is a must read for anyone who must innovate to improve and to simply move ahead; in other words for everyone!

Marc Somnolet, CPG Marketing executive, Adjunct Professor at NYU