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After years speaking at international conferences thanks to my corporate career, I now bring my message to diverse audiences – from small businesses and women’s groups to innovation events.

My speeches are always tailored to the specific audience, whether it’s finance folks, IT and cybersecurity leaders, health & wellness companies or the energy sector. I focus on how traditionally feminine traits like empathy and collaboration can actually drive innovation when it comes to developing talent and spotting new opportunities. This approach resonates across industries and organizational sizes. My goal is to inspire fresh thinking that unlocks people’s potential, regardless of whether I’m addressing a giant conference hall or a small breakout session.

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“Fabienne’s presentation at innoCos USA conference in New York was not only one of the highlights of the day, but she also brought an incredible amount of positive energy and interaction during the whole event. Fabienne is a very passionate, knowledgeable and stimulating speaker, whose presentation was bursting with strong content through the use of very relevant examples. An incredibly experienced and enjoyable speaker and we recommend it to any conference organisation who are looking for a high level strategic presenters.”

Irina Kremlin
Co-Founder of Global Cosmetics Community, Director of INNOCOS – World Beauty Innovation Summit

“Fabienne from INNOVEVE was passionate, highly engaging, and inspirational! I left her presentation feeling very proud to continue harnessing my innate “feminine” qualities, but also proud as woman to build upon and integrate the more “masculine” ones, both of which are necessary as a female business owner.”

Alisa Lindenbaum
MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC – Art Psychotherapist in private practice at Creative Arts Psychotherapy of Westwood

Speaking Engagements

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