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Empathy – Nurturing – Inclusivity – Intuition – Gratitude – Collaboration 

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Fabienne Jacquet

INNOVEVE was born when I realized that embracing feminine traits like empathy, intuition and collaboration could enhance innovation. Historically, innovation has been driven mainly by masculine energy and traits like being logical, focused, action-oriented and assertive.

But when I started tapping into undervalued feminine traits and combining them with masculine ones, I found my ideas and contributions became more valuable. I believe that by bringing feminine and masculine traits together, organizations can take their innovation process to the next level and drive success.

On an individual level, recognizing both sets of traits leads to deeper self-understanding and helps people achieve their full potential as human beings, leaders, and innovators.

What Does INNOVEVE® Do?

INNOVEVE® is an innovation consultancy with a mission to empower organizations and individuals to recognize and utilize both feminine and masculine traits to drive meaningful and sustainable innovation.

We focus on the front-end of the innovation process, the discovery and prototyping phase that goes from idea generation to prototype development. This requires embracing more feminine energy like being emotional, supportive, accepting and relational.

Although it may seem counterintuitive to spend more time upfront being nurturing and collaborative, this investment pays off with greater efficiency and sustainability in the long run. The back-end execution phase does require focus, logic, and quick decision making; considered as typically masculine traits, they efficiently complement the feminine traits leveraged in the discovery phase.

By guiding innovators to acquire and practice key feminine traits like empathy, nurturing, inclusivity, intuition, gratitude and collaboration, INNOVEVE® ensures the resulting innovations address consumer needs and stand the test of time.