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Industry Specific – Customized for Your Audience & Culture

Informative, Interactive and Entertaining

I used to say “I am a talker, not a writer” until I challenged myself to apply the principles of innovation to my skills. That’s when I finally wrote my book Venus Genius.

It’s true I thrive on interacting with diverse audiences. Perhaps those theater years in my 20s sparked a lifelong passion. Facilitating comes naturally; I’m Synectics® certified and have led corporate workshops worldwide. Yet I tailor each event, researching the industry, organization, and audience to optimize the experience.

Though my scope is cross-sector and cross-cultural, my approach is intentional. I aim to spark that lightbulb moment when people grasp their feminine power to transform their work. Whether live, virtual, or teaching online, I love seeing that spark in their eyes.


“Unleash your feminine traits and innovate from your heart.”

Contact Fabienne to discuss a custom-tailored speech, interactive mini-sessions or full day workshops tailored to your culture to address the needs of your specific industry.

“Fabienne is a very skilled communicator. When she speaks, more than just her message comes across; she also conveys the message within the message. I’ve seen Fabienne in action, working with a large pool of highly talented, diversified thinkers. I find working with Fabienne to be a deep pleasure. She delivers her instructions succinctly and energetically. When I work with her, I find myself motivated, confident, highly enthusiastic, and able to deliver high quality. Fabienne does more than lead by example, she inspires.”

“INNOVEVE Founder, Fabienne Jacquet, skillfully engaged attendees from start to finish during her Innovation Workshop. The inspiring and interactive format kept the pace moving as she shared the foundation for INNOVEVE’s unique process and approach. I was able to immediately apply what I learned to ideate new service offerings. Fabienne’s expertise is well honed through decades of experience and her enthusiasm for innovation is contagious.”

Teresa Mendoza
Managing Partner, Mendoza Media LLC