I help individuals and companies get more innovative by tapping into the wellspring of human creativity. I give them pointers to tap into their inner creativity, especially by bringing out their feminine side. My goal is to mentor them on channeling their human imagination and ingenuity to take their existing ideas up a notch or come up with totally new ones.

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“Fabienne is a very skilled communicator. When she speaks, more than just her message comes across; she also conveys the message within the message. I’ve seen Fabienne in action, working with a large pool of highly talented, diversified thinkers. I find working with Fabienne to be a deep pleasure. She delivers her instructions succinctly and energetically. When I work with her, I find myself motivated, confident, highly enthusiastic, and able to deliver high quality. Fabienne does more than lead by example, she inspires.”

Mark Monlux
Grand PooBah Monlux Illustration and Graphic Facilitation