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Fabienne Jacquet, author of Venus Genius: The Female Prescription for Innovation, welcomes appointments!


I am a disruptive innovator passionate about helping the world become a more joyful place with meaningful and sustainable solutions, starting with the workplace. I am half-French, half-American, half-scientist and half-marketer… yes I know, too many halves, but as we say in French: “when you love, you don’t count!”

From my PhD in organic chemistry to my marketing experience, innovation has been my love, for more than 30 years: short-term, long-term, fundamental, external, open, strategic,… with a proven track record in Fortune 500 companies. Through my international journey, I have lived between Europe and the US, and traveled the world.

In 2018 I settled in the US and created INNOVEVE®, a consultancy in innovation which mission is to transform innovation by embracing feminine energy.