There is a big movement in the world…
…yet the feminine voice is still tiny in innovation

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This is how INNOVEVE® addresses it…

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Venus Genius Book: The Female Prescription for Innovation

The book, Venus Genius, is an exploration of the role of the feminine in the innovation process. Fabienne Jacquet draws on her extensive experience in innovation in Fortune 500 companies, and leverages current thinking on innovation to highlight the role of traditionally feminine traits in driving successful innovation.

Intended for business owners and leaders who are striving to innovate for growth, and those who are specifically innovating products and services for women, this book provides insights and can be used as a guide by organizations of any size to identify and draw upon new channels leading to the development of more innovative products, services, processes, & organizations.

Use this book to discover more about yourself and in the process become a better innovator.

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Smart Rebel Video Course

Venus Genius led to the discovery that a larger group than those who are interested in innovation from business or organizational perspective can benefit from this awareness.

The first in a planned series of video courses, Smart Rebel: How to Innovate Your Future, is targeted at teens regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The course will help young people identify traits associated with innovation and, in the process, help them mature into strong change makers and leaders. The course will be available in 2022.


From her corporate life, Fabienne has extensive experience speaking at international conferences. She is now bringing her message to a more diverse audience including small businesses and entrepreneurs, women associations, and various innovation events.

Fabienne delivers tailored speeches and interactive mini-sessions to address the needs of specific industries like finance, IT (Cybersecurity), health & wellness, or the energy sector. She outlines how feminine traits can accelerate innovation by developing talent and discovering new opportunities.

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Fabienne’s presentation at innoCos USA conference in New York was not only one of the highlights of the day, but she also brought an incredible amount of positive energy and interaction during the whole event. Fabienne is a very passionate, knowledgeable and stimulating speaker, whose presentation was bursting with strong content through the use of very relevant examples. An incredibly experienced and enjoyable speaker and we recommend it to any conference organisation who are looking for a high level strategic presenters.’

Irina Kremlin
Co-Founder of Global Cosmetics Community, Director of INNOCOS – World Beauty Innovation Summit

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‘Fabienne from INNOVEVE was passionate, highly engaging, and inspirational! I left her presentation feeling very proud to continue harnessing my innate “feminine” qualities, but also proud as woman to build upon and integrate the more “masculine” ones, both of which are necessary as a female business owner.‘

Alisa Lindenbaum
MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC – Art Psychotherapist in private practice at Creative Arts Psychotherapy of Westwood

FEMimicry™ Workshop

FEMimicry’ is coined after the term ‘biomimicry’, the science of observing and mimicking Mother Nature to create solutions for human beings. This interactive session allows individuals and multi-functional teams to better understand innovation and enhance their creative skills. Using a toolkit on how to acquire and practice the selected feminine traits, individuals and teams develop their personalized action plan to create breakthrough innovation leading to strategic growth.

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‘INNOVEVE Founder, Fabienne Jacquet, skillfully engaged attendees from start to finish during her Innovation Workshop. The inspiring and interactive format kept the pace moving as she shared the foundation for INNOVEVE’s unique process and approach. I was able to immediately apply what I learned to ideate new service offerings. Fabienne’s expertise is well honed through decades of experience and her enthusiasm for innovation is contagious.’

Teresa Mendoza
Managing Partner, Mendoza Media LLC


Illustration by Xue Bai

A disruptive approach that cuts 50% of the time and at least 30% of cost versus a traditional innovation process, hence improving organizational efficiency as well as time to market. Collaborative teams create prototypes in a 4-day session, applying the feminine success formula to design solutions that emotionally connect with consumers.

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‘FastProtocept is a magic process as you go from nowhere to a tangible result in a very short time.’

Scientist, R&D Manager
Fortune 500 CPG Company


Fabienne is able to support individuals and organizations in their innovation journey, guiding them in their efforts to bring human creativity to existing innovation capabilities or to build new ones, in particular by unleashing their latent feminine energy.

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‘Fabienne is a very skilled communicator. When she speaks, more than just her message comes across; she also conveys the message within the message. I’ve seen Fabienne in action, working with a large pool of highly talented, diversified thinkers. I find working with Fabienne to be a deep pleasure. She delivers her instructions succinctly and energetically. When I work with her, I find myself motivated, confident, highly enthusiastic, and able to deliver high quality. Fabienne does more than lead by example, she inspires.’

Mark Monlux
Grand PooBah Monlux Illustration and Graphic Facilitation

Innovate from your heart, unleashing feminine traits like empathy, nurturing, inclusivity, intuition, gratitude and collaboration…