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‘INNOVEVE Founder, Fabienne Jacquet, skillfully engaged attendees from start to finish during her Innovation Workshop. The inspiring and interactive format kept the pace moving as she shared the foundation for INNOVEVE’s unique process and approach. I was able to immediately apply what I learned to ideate new service offerings. Fabienne’s expertise is well honed through decades of experience and her enthusiasm for innovation is contagious.’

Teresa Mendoza

Managing Partner, Mendoza Media LLC

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I thoroughly enjoyed Fabienne’s workshop. It was fun, engaging and she offers her unique perspective with style. Her passion is clear with every breath she takes. I left feeling energized.

Karyn Zuidinga

Digital Product Designer, Podcaster & Innovation Consultant at NextWAVE Innovation Inc.

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Fabienne is an innovator, scientist, and executive with 30 years of experience leading innovation on the world stage. With her recent venture Innoveve, she has created a framework and set of tools that are truly one of a kind and very much needed. The Innoveve mindset represents the human-centered approach to innovation and helps us bring the best of the feminine side of innovation to a masculine dominated world.

Rob Brodnick, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder, Sierra Learning Solutions

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Fabienne from INNOVEVE was passionate, highly engaging, and inspirational! I left her presentation feeling very proud to continue harnessing my innate “feminine” qualities, but also proud as woman to build upon and integrate the more “masculine” ones, both of which are necessary as a female business owner.

Alisa Lindenbaum

MPS, LCAT, ATR-BC – Art Psychotherapist in private practice at Creative Arts Psychotherapy of Westwood

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‘Fabienne is a visionary innovator and catalyst for teams and organizations to take their thinking and business results from innovation to the next level.’

Soren Kaplan

Innovation Point, Center for Effective Organizations at USC, Thinkers50 Thought Leader, Fast Company & Inc. Magazine

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‘Fabienne is a passionate change agent who brings out the innovative spirit in those around her. She truly sees ahead of, around, and beyond the curve. When I had the pleasure of reporting to Fabienne, she often told me to ‘bring my whole self to work’. She exemplified this mantra and I think she recognized the importance of bringing your whole self when innovating, well before of us.’

Regina Hourigan

Manager of Innovation Capabilities at Colgate-Palmolive

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‘In business today there is the idea of innovation; there is the idea of leadership; there is the idea of excellence, professionalism and management prowess. And how few companies and still fewer individuals even come close to achieving any of these? Sadly very few. But that could all change… Beyond the buzz, there is now INNOVEVE, innovation with feminine insight and a golden touch. This is game changing and Fabienne, the creator of INNOVEVE, and with whom I have had the pleasure to work with for years, should be your first stop on the road to excellence.’

Joe Ross

Chief Strategy Officer and Presentation Director, Ideas on stage

‘Life’s most persistent and urgent question is:
what are you doing for others?’

Martin Luther King

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‘Fabienne’s presentation at innoCos USA conference in New York was not only one of the highlights of the day, but she also brought an incredible amount of positive energy and interaction during the whole event. Fabienne is a very passionate, knowledgeable and stimulating speaker, whose presentation was bursting with strong content through the use of very relevant examples. An incredibly experienced and enjoyable speaker and we recommend it to any conference organisation who are looking for a high level strategic presenters.’

Irina Kremlin

Co-Founder of Global Cosmetics Community, Director of INNOCOS – World Beauty Innovation Summit

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‘Fabienne is a very skilled communicator. When she speaks, more than just her message comes across; she also conveys the message within the message. I’ve seen Fabienne in action, working with a large pool of highly talented, diversified thinkers. I find working with Fabienne to be a deep pleasure. She delivers her instructions succinctly and energetically. When I work with her, I find myself motivated, confident, highly enthusiastic, and able to deliver high quality. Fabienne does more than lead by example, she inspires.’

Mark Monlux

Grand PooBah Monlux Illustration and Graphic Facilitation

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‘Fabienne is a professional connection in the open innovation market space. She’s a great strategic mind and a true change agent in moving big ideas forward. As a client and business partner, she is a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional.’

Michael Docherty

Co-founder and Managing Partner, NextBig – Author, Collective Disruption