Innovation is the act or process of innovating — No kidding!

“What is innovation?” is the ‘million-dollar question’. In fact, it is almost a ‘two-billion-dollar question’ which is roughly the number of hits one gets when searching for the definition of innovation. Innovation became a ‘buzz’ word that a lot of people use without really knowing what it is and understand what it covers.
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And Venus Genius was born…

This kicks off an article series about Part one of my book: Venus Genius: The Female Prescription for Innovation. Part one describes “How we got here”, exploring innovation through the feminine lens.
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Innoveve - Young Designers

Young designers claim the feminine side

I recently had the privilege of attending the MFA Products of Design Thesis Presentation in NYC, where 17 students presented their work. I was absolutely amazed at the quality of their thinking and output. I was particularly impressed they did…

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Innoveve - Blog

INNOVEVE! (What the hell is that?)

As a kid, I was fascinated by a very simple physical experience--you cool down a bottle of water, and when it’s supercooled, you give a sharp knock on the bottle and the water instantly turns into slushy ice before your…

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