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INNOVEVE! (What the hell is that?)

As a kid, I was fascinated by a very simple physical experience–you cool down a bottle of water, and when it’s supercooled, you give a sharp knock on the bottle and the water instantly turns into slushy ice before your eye. It’s beautiful.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a scientist fascinated with innovation and change. While in a successful career as an innovator in the corporate world, I noticed a critical need in our corporate culture to make a difference and real change in the world. I observed what was working and not working.

When I analyzed and crossed all this information, some themes started to emerge: innovation (which is my DNA…), women, joy, empathy, recognition, disruption,… all the ingredients, all the pieces of the puzzle were here, ready to be assembled into something meaningful.

And one day I woke up abruptly and early (I am not a morning person), and blurted out, “INNOVEVE!” My husband I had woken up asked, “What the hell is that?” Beaming, I just answered, “My new company.”

The magic of the iced bottle had happened. Welcome to INNOVEVE. Welcome to incorporating the feminine side into your company.